About Stefan


Stefan began his training in 2007 at a Machado affiliated gym located in Penrith. After 6 years he made his new home at Gracie Humaita with Prof. Marcos Nevel. Stefan received his black belt and 1st dan from Marcos.

Stefan has been teaching for over 8 years. During this period he has been refining his skills as an instructor and practitioner. Having ran the kids program for many years he has developed his ability to connect with and teach kids.

He is passionate about the art and loves to share with others. He has competed throughout his career helping his insight to the competitive scene. This firsthand experience allows Stefan to help his students prepare for competition. Gracie Humaita has always had a fierce reputation in competition. This tradition carries on with Gracie Minchinbury.

He puts great effort into improving his ability to help others learn the art. Coming from a family of educators his teaching ability is second nature. This along with his passion to improve gives students the best environment to learn in.

Stefan is a direct student of Gracie family lineage. This means the authenticity and traditions reflect in Stefan’s teachings. As well as this he continues to studies modern Jiu-Jitsu trends. This blend of old and new Jiu-Jitsu gives Stefan a diverse skill set to offer.

His attention to detail will come through in your learning experience. Complicated techniques are made simple when you learn correctly. His approachability and care for students allows for higher learning as we explore everyone’s individual needs.

His welcoming attitude encourages all to feel at home and train as he helps bring out the champion within you. Try a class today and join in on his passion and love for the art.


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